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MonoSki history

MonoSkis had considerable success in the 1980s, particularly in France. Indeed tens of thousands of MonoSkis were sold annually in Europe during this period.
At about this time Burton introduced the Snowboard, with the side-cut shaped edge, enabling carving turns...

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Are you a candidate to learn to Monoski ?

The BLACKBURNE Monoski is the ideal evolution for skiers over 35 who would like to try something new but are nervous of the painful learning curve they have seen others experience when starting to snowboard.

Anyone from aged 35 to 75 can learn to MonoSki in a morning.

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BLACKBURNE MonoSkis are designed to give excellent performance in carving or Grand Slalom style turns. Smooth transition from one edge to the other on the groomed piste. All models perform outstandingly in the powder or deep snow.
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