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Great in Powder and on the Groomed Piste

The BLACKBURNE Monoski technology is derived from NASA experience of advanced composites.

The new generations of BLACKBURNE Monoskis have contoured side-cuts to give incredibly exciting skiing on the groomed piste, for both sliding and carving turns, depending on the skill of the individual skier, together with great stability at speed.

The longer MonoSkis in the range perform spectacularly in the powder or deep snow, as do the mid-length skis, giving pleasure, fun and thrills not previously experienced on two skis.

The edges hold wonderfully in icy conditions.

Skiers using BLACKBURNE MonoSkis need own only one ski, since each ski in the range performs superbly both on the groomed piste and in the powder.

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BLACKBURNE MonoSkis are designed to give excellent performance in carving or Grand Slalom style turns. Smooth transition from one edge to the other on the groomed piste. All models perform outstandingly in the powder or deep snow.
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