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Background and History of the MonoSki

MonoSkis had huge success in the 1980s, particularly in France. Indeed, hundreds of thousands of MonoSkiers were seen on the slopes of scores of resorts throughout Europe, Canada, Chile and, to a lesser extent, the USA.

At about this time Burton introduced the Snowboard, with the side-cut shaped edge, enabling easier turns.

For some reason, the two leading manufacturers of Monoskis did not change the straight-sided shape of their MonoSkis, which had no side-cut, but instead followed the trend by going into the snowboard business. They had such success with snowboards that they allowed the straight edge MonoSki to die a natural death and discontinued producing or promoting it. This was a terrible shame.

In the mean time, hundreds of dedicated and impassioned MonoSkiers around the world continued to enjoy this thrilling snow sport and a few, notably Robin Blackburne, sought to develop new Monoski technology.
BLACKBURNE MonoSkis are designed to give excellent performance in carving or Grand Slalom style turns. Smooth transition from one edge to the other on the groomed piste. All models perform outstandingly in the powder or deep snow.
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