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The Learning Curve.

Unlike learning to snowboard, beginners at MonoSkiing will find the learning curve rapid and, more importantly, not painful.

We have all heard horror stories of friends who have experienced the frustration and agony of frequent falls during their first few painful days of snowboarding.

And the not infrequent injuries, particularly of the wrist. Indeed much of those first days learning to snowboard are spent on the knees or on the bottom sitting in the snow and wondering if it would ever be worth the effort, misery and pain.

Learning Advantages for the Beginner on the MonoSki

You go down the hill forward so, for skiers, there is virtually no change in feeling and aspect.

You wear your own comfortable ski boots — no new type of snowboard boot to buy.

You just step into the high-tech Marker bindings - similar to those you have been used to.

You do not have to bend down to clip your boots up — not always easy for older snowboarders.

You do not have to make every other turn leaning backwards !

You have ski poles — just like you have had for skiing all these years.

Your poles help you keep in balance while MonoSkiing, avoiding the falls of beginner snowboarding.

Your poles also enable you to stand up on the slope — unlike snowboarders who must sit or kneel.

You get on the lift with both feet in the bindings, and ride up comfortably with your MonoSki on the foot-rest.

You get off the lift ready to ski - without having to bend down to clip your boots up again.

Are you a candidate to learn to Monoski?

The BLACKBURNE Monoski gives skiers of any age an exciting new experience.

Any competent skier from aged eight to eighty can learn to MonoSki in a day. With good instruction, better skiers can master the skills in a morning.

From the pleasure angle, it is the perfect balance between skiing and snowboarding. And, most importantly, it is FANTASTIC FUN. Once you've experienced the thrills of MonoSkiing, it is hard to go back to two skis.

Remember Water-Skiing ? Once you graduated from two skis to one, did you ever go on two skis again ? Of course not. Just the same as MonoSkiing on the snow. You can’t go back !

Where can I take a lesson ?

You can learn to Monoski at the Aspen-Snowmass Ski School, where there are experienced MonoSki Instructors to show you the ropes.

If you are staying in Aspen, we recommend the Buttermilk Ski School. Buttermilk is by far the best mountain on which to learn to MonoSki.

If you are staying in Snowmass, and it is more convenient for you, then you can take lessons at the Snowmass Ski School, but we still suggest Buttermilk.

For “locals” living in the Aspen Valley, Buttermilk is certainly the preferred mountain to start your new adventure on.

BLACKBURNE MonoSkis are designed to give excellent performance in carving or Grand Slalom style turns. Smooth transition from one edge to the other on the groomed piste. All models perform outstandingly in the powder or deep snow.
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