Blackburne MonoSkis are designed to give excellent performance in carving or Grand Slalom style turns. Smooth transition from one edge to the other on the groomed piste. All models perform outstandingly in the powder or deep snow.

BB 148
  • Length: 148 cm
  • Width:
    • Shovel 23.7 cm
    • Waist 17.8 cm
    • Tail 19.2 cm
BB 165
  • Length: 165 cm
  • Width:
    • Shovel 22.8 cm
    • Waist 18.1 cm
    • Tail 21.2 cm
BB 175
  • Length: 175 cm
  • Width:
    • Shovel 23.5 cm
    • Waist 19.2 cm
    • Tail 21.3 cm
BB 182
  • Length: 182 cm
  • Width:
    • Shovel 23.6 cm
    • Waist 19.1 cm
    • Tail 21.5 cm
Which BLACKBURNE MonoSki is right for you ?

BB 148 – JR     The 148 is an amazing MonoSki designed for teenagers and it is perfect for girls weighing less than 130 lbs. It demonstrates the same high performance as the longer skis. It is very nimble on the groomed piste yet, for lighter skiers, it zooms over the powder. And on the bumps it is spectacular.

BB 165–PPB     The 165 is the most all-round ski in the Blackburne range. It is the ideal model for skiers weighing from 120 lbs to 175 lbs. Makes sliding or carving turns a breeze, yet it is stable at high speed for downhill. Zip through the trees with precision. Great control in the bumps. And, of course, a dream in the powder. This is the ski we suggest for beginners who may graduate to the longer skis later

BB 175–PP     The 175 is a performance Mono, perfect for skiers weighing over 160 lbs – or for lighter men and women who are looking for stability at speed. Makes lovely sliding or longer arc carving turns on the groomed piste. Performs well in the bumps and cuts through crud like a knife through avocado.
And in the powder ? An unbelievable floating experience is assured.

BB 182-GT The 182 is a high performance Mono for downhill and fast cruising. Yet it gives the skier great control for long arc carving turns and Grand Slalom type skiing. Heavier skiers will get a thrill from the 185 in powder.

BB 155-DE     This is the Dual Tip Mono for tricks, fun in the park and great performance in the half-pipe. Teen-agers will love this incredibly versatile ski.

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Price List 2013/2014 Season

"Aspen" Contoured MonoSki

Model Price
BB 148 - JR $899
BB 155 - DE $899
BB 165 - PPB $899
BB 175 - PP $899
BB 185 - GT $899
High Performance Bindings $340
Mounting of Bindings $40
Total package, MonoSki and
bindings mounted

FREE SHIPPING within the U.S.A.